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This is the last paragraph from the “About” section of the E-book which has already been written..

Every experience prepares us for the next. After working with these guys and of course picking up more clients along the way 2 significant things happened that gave me permanent assurance (if I ever had any doubts) that I was on the right path and that everything that was happening was exactly what was supposed to happen. First I received a referral from the Managing Partner of the CPA firm I had left. Second as things evolved and I picked up more clients in Real Estate and Marketing (the two areas where I had the most experience) I began to develop a following of clients who were consistently expressing an interest in speaking with me about permanent employment. During this time I picked up another new client. He called me late one night and I answered because I was sitting at the computer working. By this time my wife (then girlfriend) and I had moved to a little bigger apartment in a little better part of Hollywood. It was one of Ron’s apartments. When I answered the phone this guy started talking and immediately apologized for calling so late as he explained that he had seen an ad on Craigslist and expected to get voicemail. His speech was slow and deliberate – a deep, loud voice. He seemed interesting and he was very skeptical. He had a lot of questions wanting to be sure I was really capable of doing what I said. So I gave him the “no risk” close that I had learned in the past – I told him I would come and spend ½ day with him and that if he wasn’t convinced by the end of 4 hours that I could do the job for him there would be no charge for that time. He took me up on that offer. His name is [Omitted] and I didn’t know it yet, but this was the beginning of another very significant chapter in my career, life, and overall experience. I’m glad I took that phone call that night!

The “about” section of the book is now complete. Here are the final paraphs:

A few months back (from when I was writing this) I had a friend who’s wife was interviewing to work with a property management company. I went to help her understand how to use QuickBooks for property management and I was reminded of how much I enjoyed it. So I began recording videos on YouTube about accounting for real estate and sure enough this has attracted some new real estate clients. One of them has used a book that was written by someone else whom he also works with as a consultant. The reason he is hiring me now is that there are some gaps between her and his CPA that I can fill. There are accounting concepts that she doesn’t get, and the CPA doesn’t know QuickBooks quite as well as he thinks. I have found this to be true – many CPA’s do not know QuickBooks as well as they will tell you they do. Not because they are bad people, but because their use of it is often limited to what they need to do to review a set of books so they can prepare a tax return. There are many features and ways of entering transactions that CPA’s don’t get into because they don’t need to. This is the exact Gap I fill. I have had enough experience working at CPA firms to know what they need and I have also had the experience of doing all of the bookkeeping so that I know the QuickBooks program inside and out. It finally occurred to me that if I can fill this gap in the consulting world, then I can definitely fill it in the form of a book. Also with my knowledge of technology I am able to bring it to people in a format that is entirely electronic with links to video tutorials demonstrating everything I am talking about.

My mission is to bring you a book that will simplify the real estate business for the first time home buyer as well as simplify the accounting for real estate for the property management company or landlord who is actively buying properties. I will cover the whole range in this book chapter by chapter and I also plan on making it fun. Accounting does not have to be dry!

I do hope you get something out of it – I know if you follow along you will definitely learn not a little, but a LOT about the business of Real Estate!


Written by Seth David

November 10, 2009 at 11:00 am

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  1. […] a blog for it already and you can see an excerpt of what I’ve written so far in the “About” section of the book. I hope to be finished writing the book by the end of this calendar […]

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