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Ask us about pre-ordering

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Pre-order your Real Estate Accounting E-Workbook and I will include  a free 1 hour live demo to boot.

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Written by Seth David

March 26, 2010 at 1:50 pm

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The Outline So Far

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This will likely change, but this is to give you an idea of what we are developing as we develop it. Your comments and suggestions for what you might like to see covered here are very welcome!


Table of Contents 


About Seth David


Chapter 1 – How to get into a home you can’t afford


Chapter 2 – Rental Real Estate

Buying Your Rental Property

Setting Up Your Company File In QuickBooks

Recording your purchase in QuickBooks

Setting up and recording Security deposit and 1st month’s rent

Setting up, recording, and memorizing rent going forward

Late Rents

Additional Security Deposits

How to handle a move-out

Calculating, recording, and refunding the security deposit


Chapter 3 – Property Management

Setting Up Your Company File

Setting up your Properties

Keeping track of Payables by property


Chapter 4 – Construction Accounting


Chapter 5 – Selling Your Property

Your Basis

Recording the sale in QuickBooks


Written by Seth David

March 18, 2010 at 6:10 pm

The QuickBooks For Real Estate E-workbook project has resumed!

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We have officially resumed this project! There have been many demands for real estate accounting / QuickBooks instruction. You can also get a great deal of information on how to do things in QuickBooks at our sister Blog – We’ll post up the current outline for the E-Workbook shortly.

Written by Seth David

March 18, 2010 at 5:39 pm

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Under Construction

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I have begun to write an e-book on Accounting for real estate. The idea is to create a sort of ‘video pop-up’ book. What this means is that for example I will write up a section on a certain aspect of accounting for real estate – such as planning your purchase.

  • The e-book will of course contain screen shots of tables in excel and QuickBooks and other programs where appropriate and then those screen shots will be linked to video tutorials that will play on the web.
  • These video tutorials will walk you through how to do what is being described in the book. So you will REALLY LEARN not just how to understand the accounting, but how to use this knowledge in a practical application.

Tomorrow I will be finishing the About section and beginning the first chapter. This first chapter will take a look at how to get into a home like the one shown on this page. Each week on this blog I plan on posting the image of another “Dream Home” from one of my favorite websites I go to this site for inspiration on a regular basis. The only thing stopping us from getting into a home like this is thinking we can’t get into a home like this.

My first chapter will show you how to go through the numbers to figure out what your payment will be on a $5,000,000 home.

  • I will walk you through understanding all of the dynamics of purchasing a home –
  • The accounting for your purchase
  • What happened to a lot of people who bought homes and lost them in the real estate crash.
  • What did the lending industry do wrong accounting-wise?
  • Where did the lenders go wrong on the accounting, and where did the home buyers go wrong?
  • I’ll share a personal story about how an unscrupulous mortgage broker tried to get me out of a really good loan situation on my own home and into a disaster that would have cost me my home had I listened to her. How I knew better than to sign her loan docs.

In the final part of my first chapter I will side track a bit into what kind of income one would need to be earning to realistically afford something like this. So hopefully my readers can set their sights high. The reason people who make it big do is because they think big. Really big! Why can’t you? Don’t worry about how, just worry about thinking “I can. It’s possible.” Just don’t rule it out.

HEY CHECK THIS OUT!.. If you sign up for our video club I will send you the e-book for free when it is finished – expected date of release is 1/1/2010. The video club membership gets you a monthly e-mail with a catalogue containing links to every video tutorial we put out there including all of the full length video tutorials in our main site’s learning center.